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Mariuca: Wishing On a Falling Star

By: Roxy on 10/30/08 @ 5:40 pm

It’s been about eight months since Mariuca, the friendliest and most popular blogger in the blogosphere, befriended me through BlogExplosion. Now my day is not complete if I don’t stop by and read the latest post and make a few comments at Mariuca’s blog, Wishing On A Falling Star. Lately Mariuca has been serving up prizes [...]

Tricia’s Musings: A Nurse. A Wife. Living the Fun Social Life.

By: Roxy on 08/29/08 @ 8:03 pm

Another BlogExplosion favorite, Tricia of Tricia’s Musings, says she has two mottos:
1. Live life to the fullest; and
2. Don’t have any regrets.
While Tricia has updated the look of her blog quite a bit since I originally posted about her on Roxiticus Best Blogs, but I’m just going to tell you now what I told you [...]

Bestest Pal’s Blog: Ignore Liberal Politics

By: Roxy on 08/29/08 @ 7:55 pm

My Bestest Pal, who blogs at A Penny’s Worth, started blogging before it was the trendy thing to do. As of this writing, he hasn’t sold out like the rest of us. You’ll find well-written posts on music, pop culture, and politics, and not a single paid post.
His “About Us” section reads as follows:
A penny [...]

Roxiticus Desperate Housewives (Parental Guidance Suggested)

By: Roxy on 08/29/08 @ 6:24 pm

My first blog, started in August 2005, is Roxiticus Desperate Housewives:
Former disc jockey, current investment banker and mother-of-two coming to you from the Roxiticus Valley to report the quirks and sexual peccadilloes of the neighboring desperate housewives, or whatever else the milkman may have delivered this morning. Recently added, a directory of the Best of [...]

Blogger with a Hint of Addiction: an Introduction to Roxy’s Best Of…Other People’s Blogs

By: Roxy on 08/29/08 @ 6:08 pm

When I first started surfing Other People’s Blogs (OPB), I found several bloggers who maintained multiple blogs. Each of them claimed that “once you get started, you just can’t stop.” Up until Spring 2008, this didn’t make any sense to me, but today I find myself with ten Google Blogger/Blogspot blogs, as well as an [...]