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Tricia’s Musings: A Nurse. A Wife. Living the Fun Social Life.

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Another BlogExplosion favorite, Tricia of Tricia’s Musings, says she has two mottos:
1. Live life to the fullest; and
2. Don’t have any regrets.

While Tricia has updated the look of her blog quite a bit since I originally posted about her on Roxiticus Best Blogs, but I’m just going to tell you now what I told you back then and let you click on any of the links to check out Tricia’s new look and learn more about her life through her prolific posts.

Tricia is married to a wonderful man, and works as an ER nurse. She enjoys her garden, good music, photography, cooking great meals and having a good time with friends, and adores reptiles. She has lots of other blogs about all of those interests, except perhaps the reptiles.

Tricia’s Musings covers a number of topics:

  • Living with Herps - aka Reptiles and Amphibians;
  • Life in Toronto;
  • Her neighbors’ fascination with all things Tricia does!
  • The hustle and bustle of the big city;
  • Work;
  • Events in the Emergency Department;
  • State of Health Care in Ontario;
  • Hobbies and Interests;
  • My Garden;
  • Music (her husband is a musician)
  • Photography
  • And Tricia’s rambling random thoughts

Visitors to Tricia’s blog will get an insight into how her mind works. Tricia warns that this might turn out to be very interesting, or very very boring, but I’ve found something entertaining every time I’ve zoomed in for a visit. Tricia has been off work for several months now due to illness, and doesn’t get out all that much, but she and her husband have a lot of friends and relatives who pop in for a visit from time to time and that keeps life interesting. Tricia claims that her husband is always doing something interesting or strange and that gives her a lot of material to work with on Tricia’s Musings. Oh, and Tricia’s neighbors? They are friendly, nosy, and sometimes do strange things - again, more material.

  • Tricia
    11:49 am on August 30th, 2008 1

    Hey Roxy, thanks for the review. Midnight, our Labrador Retriever puppy, is making life interesting these days between her being in heat and being so hyper! She’s good at learning tricks though - latest one is “give me 10″ we just stick out both hands and she’ll jump up and slap her paws down on our hands - for the payment of one cookie of course.

    Btw - got your message on my site. Sounds interesting. I’m not sure I’d have time to do a lot of articles, but the occasional one perhaps.


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